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What’s my cost?

Equipment is at NO COST to you. Provide the space, we will do the rest!

How often will you stock my vending machine?

Real-time monitoring provides us with valuable information on your inventories. We get regular daily updates that show us how much product you have left in your machine. We react accordingly. We will keep you stocked!

Can I choose the products?

Yes! We prefer that you do!

Will this take much space?

The space required for a micro-market depends upon the number of coolers and shelving units, which is dictated by the number of employees on-site. A small micro-market will require a space of 4’ x 8’, while a large market could require up to 30’.

An average vending machine measures approximately 80”x35”x40”

What if my machine breaks down?

We will likely know before you do because of our telemetric system and real-time alert. We will respond as soon as our schedule clears, typically the same day. Our policy is that most repairs are being processed within 24-36 hours depending on the issue.

What electrical requirement is required?

A standard 3-prong outlet you should be good to go! Drink machines sometimes require a dedicated 15AMP circuit but most machines can operate on 115 volts at 10-12 amps.

I’m ready to go, what’s next?

We need a bit of time to select the right equipment and plan the installation – typically 5-7 business days. We need to coordinate having you extract the current equipment out of the vending room if you currently have services in place. Otherwise, we just need to make sure the room where the equipment will be installed is ready to accommodate the machines.

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