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Return to work meets modern convenience

Smart Vending at the Push of a Button! Right Now, Anywhere, Anytime!


Modern vending begins with a keen sense of security for your employees. Healthy LifeStyle uses contactless and remote monitoring technologies to ensure the safety of your associates. We help transform your break room into a community retreat for your employees to relax and recharge.

What is it?

Give us the space, we’ll do the rest! Your satisfaction is our number one goal. We will do a need analysis and listen to your needs and wants. Then we’ll design the best vending room based upon the space, your needs for snacks, drinks, and food. You tell us! You decide!


We endeavor to provide you with the best equipment, products, and customer service that will feed your associates when they crave a snack or meal, whether it’s at breakfast, lunchtime, dinner, or any time around the clock, 7 days a week. Our equipment does not stop!


Whether you wish to have healthy options, traditional snacks, or a combination of both, we will customized solutions for your own specific needs.


We clean and sanitize our equipment every visit to your location. We use quaternary ammonium-based sanitizers for maximum cleanliness and protection. Our goal is to keep our equipment Clean, Stocked & Operational always. 


Each asset is equipped with the latest telemetric devices and a direct wireless communication is established with your machines. This technology provides us with real-time alerts in the event of equipment malfunction, sales surges, low volume, and bill jams, as well as a host of other pieces of critical information. While most operators restock markets on a pre-established routine (whether full or empty), relying on our unique telemetry, we restock on an “as-needed” basis – we will never leave your machine empty!


Our top brand U.S.-made equipment provides you with the most reliable scanning and biometrics technologies available today. Our equipment features the most advanced POS system in the industry. Our COVID-proof technologies feature cashless payment with the latest “Mobile Wallet” options (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung pay, etc.) as well as all major credit cards.


We’re family-owned and have been operating for 8 successful years. We have earned accolades from multiple organizations, customers, and partners because of the quality of our service and responsiveness. We pride ourselves in being “Large Enough to Deliver, Small Enough to Care”!


We serve YOU! YOU decide! Let us know your preferences, we’ll stock!


Our machines feature modern technology to keep products at the ideal temperature with a great level of consistency and reliability.


Convenience and Performance

  • Responsiveness – machines break down – we will be there promptly!
  • Fresh products - we rotate out slow sellers
  • We add new products regularly to keep your associates happy
  • Real-time monitoring – we know what’s going on with your machine from our smartphone 24/7
  • We are the Go-To vendor for healthy selections – ask us for a menu of healthy selections (“Better-For-You” snacks or any other dietary options)
  • Reliable, professional, and friendly route drivers
  • Guaranteed Delivery equipment – money will be returned if product not delivered
  • Innovative mobile and cashless payment capabilities


What’s my cost?

Equipment is at NO COST to you. Provide the space, we will do the rest!

How often will you stock my vending machine?

Real-time monitoring provides us with valuable information on your inventories. We get regular daily updates that show us how much product you have left in your machine. We react accordingly. We will keep you stocked!

Can I choose the products?

Yes! We prefer that you do!

Will this take much space?

An average machine measures approximately 80” H x 40” W x 35” D.

What if my machine breaks down?

We will likely know before you do because of our telemetric system and real-time alert. We will respond as soon as our schedule clears, typically the same day. Our policy is that most repairs are being processed within 24-36 hours depending on the issue.

What electrical requirement is required?

A standard 3-prong outlet you should be good to go! Drink machines sometimes require a dedicated 15AMP circuit but most machines can operate on 115 volts at 10-12 amps.

I’m ready to go, what’s next?

We need a bit of time to select the right equipment and plan the installation – typically 5-7 business days. We need to coordinate having you extract the current equipment out of the vending room if you currently have services in place. Otherwise, we just need to make sure the room where the equipment will be installed is ready to accommodate the machines.

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