How It Works

How Micro Markets make a difference in your business!


Convenience at no cost to you! Transform your breakroom at-work experience with a modern take on convenient fresh and healthy food for your employees. Employees easily walk up to the market; grab the products they want and enjoy a diverse range of meals, snacks, and beverages 24/7..


We leverage technology for the protection of your users and employees using multiple contactless checkout options ranging from no touch capabilities, “mobile wallet”, or even using a fingerprint. The complete touchless experience is achieved using our KOIN app from your smartphone where employees can preorder and prepay enjoying a 100% customized online experience fast and easily from their devices.


The number one issue that must be managed for the return of employees to the office is safety. Keeping employees engaged and productive begins with keeping them safe, first and foremost. Driven by technology, micro markets feature safer design options especially when complimented with best practices for temperature monitoring, employee training, on-site sanitation stations, food handling and safety policies, appropriate consumer messaging and so on.


Millennials who account for most of the workforce, are not motivated primarily by monetary factors and aim at making the world more compassionate, innovative and sustainable (Deloitte, 2015). A comfortable work environment is critical and as such, retaining and attracting them means adapting and designing modern solutions, including in the breakroom.

Your Employees will feel motivated and engaged at work!

This “always open” modern take on vending storefront will keep your employees engaged and motivated
by providing them with a feel at home setting, 24/7. Security and automatic inventory monitoring are
insured in real-time, always. Fully customizable, you can also partially cover the cost of some or all the
products increasing morale and keeping your employees excited and energized. We will always stock
your market with customer-driven products using online tracking at zero cost to you.


Convenience and Performance

  • Responsiveness – machines break down – we will be there promptly!
  • Fresh products - we rotate out slow sellers
  • We add new products regularly to keep your associates happy
  • Real-time monitoring – we know what’s going on with your machine from our smartphone 24/7
  • We are the Go-To vendor for healthy selections – ask us for a menu of healthy selections (“Better-For-You” snacks or any other dietary options)
  • Reliable, professional, and friendly route drivers
  • Guaranteed Delivery equipment – money will be returned if product not delivered
  • Innovative mobile and cashless payment capabilities


What’s my cost?

Equipment is at NO COST to you. Provide the space, we will do the rest!

How often will you stock my vending machine?

Real-time monitoring provides us with valuable information on your inventories. We get regular daily updates that show us how much product you have left in your machine. We react accordingly. We will keep you stocked!

Can I choose the products?

Yes! We prefer that you do!

Will this take much space?

An average machine measures approximately 80” H x 40” W x 35” D.

What if my machine breaks down?

We will likely know before you do because of our telemetric system and real-time alert. We will respond as soon as our schedule clears, typically the same day. Our policy is that most repairs are being processed within 24-36 hours depending on the issue.

What electrical requirement is required?

A standard 3-prong outlet you should be good to go! Drink machines sometimes require a dedicated 15AMP circuit but most machines can operate on 115 volts at 10-12 amps.

I’m ready to go, what’s next?

We need a bit of time to select the right equipment and plan the installation – typically 5-7 business days. We need to coordinate having you extract the current equipment out of the vending room if you currently have services in place. Otherwise, we just need to make sure the room where the equipment will be installed is ready to accommodate the machines.

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