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Micro Markets in the US


Americans consider nutrition before selecting a product


Will pay more for a healthy snack


View our options when it comes to creating Micro Markets in your company.

Micro Markets

Offer your staff and customers a self-service retail shop that offers a safe open environment with packaged fresh foods, specialty snacks,drinks, and a host of other products displayed via coolers, open shelves or racks.

Concierge Services

Enhance your company culture with a personalized retreat with a custom
selection of snacks, drinks, fruits, vegetables and food items that are freely available to your employees and customers.

Vending Services

Healthy LifeStyle uses contactless and remote monitoring technologies to transform your break room into a community retreat for your employees to relax and recharge.


Office Coffee Service

Make your employees and customers feel at home and keep them energized all day long with a variety selection of authentic flavors of coffee and teas that make your business stand out from the rest.

Most workers returning to work post-Covid enjoy the perks of an attractive employee break room

Our Mission….. To enrich lives with healthy snacking and a focus on uncompromised customer satisfaction.

Make Your Employees Feel at Home with the perks of a self-serving micro market or concierge services. Right in your office!

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